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jelly baby orgy — LiveJournal
Everything was made to be broken
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this chapter of my life is over.
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Current Music: Five For Fighting - Superman (It's Not Easy)

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matt's latest comment in reply to a picture of Lara:-

"i love it when you smile it make everything seem right xxxx"

sorry, can i start the laughter now and never stop?

damien_mocata says heres a bucket for the sick now ;)

Current Mood: amused amused

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wearing boots of Fran's earlier he terms 'Fuck Me' boots. 1 <3 them

so the question is:-

want pics?

fuck yeah!

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everyone should see this!!!

[thanks gawain ;) ]

also here


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Poll #692636 St Patricks Day

Are you being forced to go into work/school/college/uni today?


Please note that this is intended for us irish people, though you can vote even if you don’t live here ;)

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plea for help from techie-minded people

i have a region 1 ntsc dvd that wont play on my computer - what do i need to download/do in order to make it work on here

thank you muchly

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Poll #688553 question.....

shall i/shant i apply to be a suicide girl?

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guys who came round the house last night - someone has left their mp3 player/ipod thingie in the kitchen

just so you know you haven't lost it, its in our house :)
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